Introducing Lucy Pouches

Slim Pouches are now Lucy Pouches.

Since launching in 2021, Slim Pouches have become one of our most popular products. As demand has increased, we have outgrown the original manufacturing facility for Slim Pouches.

After carefully evaluating several candidates, Pouches (formerly known as Slim Pouches) are now produced by a pharmaceutical manufacturer that can meet the quantity levels we need.

We took this opportunity to incorporate customer feedback and are manufacturing Pouches at a much greater volume than previously. This move also allowed us to improve some aspects of Pouch manufacturing, ensuring each one is perfect. 

The initial response to Lucy Pouches has been positive. We hope that you enjoy them as much (or more!) than Slim Pouches.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pouches, see below!

Lucy Pouches are now produced in China by a pharmaceutical company that manufactures over-the-counter medicines for leading American brands and is inspected regularly by FDA officials.
Size & Shape
Our new manufacturer has improved consistency in pouch size and shape, which results in better seals that prevent powder leaks.
Due to the increased consistency in pouch size and shape, it may seem like the amount of filling inside each pouch has decreased. The fill volume and nicotine content has remained unchanged. We understand that some customers prefer a heftier product and are taking that into consideration for future product development.
Different manufacturing practices can sometimes affect the consistency of flavors between batches. Our new Pouch manufacturer can achieve much higher consistency. We understand that flavor is a very individual preference. Please let us know if you are unsatisfied with any Pouch flavors. We always appreciate feedback!
Can labels
Each can of Pouches has a perforated side label to make it easier to open. Unfortunately, some labels may have perforations that are not centered on the label, making the cans harder to open. Our label manufacturer is aware of the issue and will fix it for future batches of Pouches. In the meantime, labels that do not separate easily can be easily peeled off in a single piece, allowing the can to be opened normally.

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