How are these different from other Lucy products?

Lucy Kapsel Pouches are different from our other Lucy products, like Chew + Park and Lozenges in a few key ways. 

First, our pouches currently contain 4mg or 8mg of nicotine per pouch, which is twice the strength of our other products. Now, keep in mind that not all nicotine delivery is created equal. Some 8mg pouch users might find that the pouch feels more than, or less than, twice as strong as our 4mg Chew + Park or Lozenge products. It all depends on how much you move the pouch around, how much saliva is in your mouth, and what you’ve eaten or drank recently. So your mileage may vary here. If you know that you are sensitive to nicotine, you might want to wait until we are able to produce a different strength pouch. Trust us, we are definitely working on that as fast as we can!

Second, these pouches do not need to be chewed like our Chew + Park. There’s no chewing at all, just parking. Just pop a pouch into your mouth, crack the flavor ball open to release all the flavor, and then let the pouch rest in your gum line as long as you like. 

Lastly, many customers report that our pouches are less spicy, or create less of a burning sensation than our lozenges. This is entirely subjective, but it’s worth noting that, if you didn’t like our Lozenges, you may still want to try out pouches and see if they are a better fit for your needs. And remember, Lucy Nicotine Lozenges are the only Lucy product that is approved for smoking cessation by the FDA, so if you’re a smoker who’s looking to quit, please use our Lozenges.

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