How do I use Lucy Breakers?

Using Lucy Breakers is easy, you just pop one into your mouth, pop the breaker inside to release an extra burst of flavor, and then pack it into your upper or lower lip. Just do whatever feels comfortable and don’t worry about spitting anything out, there is no tobacco leaf in the product, unlike chewing tobacco, so your saliva shouldn’t make you sick.

Most customers find that each pouch lasts about 45 minutes before losing its strength, but you can leave it in longer if you feel like you’re still enjoying the nicotine and the flavor. When you’re done with the pouch, just deposit it into the used pouch receptacle that comes with every can (it’s on the top). Be sure to throw your used pouches away when you’re done, no one likes seeing used nicotine products on the street, and we don’t want used pouches to become the new cigarette butt. 

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