Why is Lucy selling nicotine pouches now?

Our mission is to reduce tobacco-related harm to zero by creating superior nicotine products that can deliver a satisfying experience for adult tobacco users. The Lucy Kapsel Pouch is our latest nicotine product and we think it will significantly advance our mission. This is for a few reasons.

First, there is lots of evidence that adult smokers find it easier to switch to pouches than our other products like Chew + Park and Lozenges. This is because pouches are generally easier to use and can deliver a nicotine buzz that is more akin to that of a cigarette. 

Second, our mission is to reduce all tobacco related harm, not just harm from smoking specifically. It’s widely accepted by the scientific community that chewing tobacco is bad for your health, so we removed all the tobacco from this product and left only the purest tobacco-free nicotine, flavor additives, and pH stabilizers in to ensure the best experience possible.

Lastly, pouches are even more discreet than gum. We never want to see someone pick a cigarette over our products just because they didn’t want to be seen chewing gum. These pouches rest in your cheek and don’t need to be chewed, so you can really use them anywhere.

When we think about product formulation at Lucy, we consider two factors. The human lung and the tobacco leaf. To put it simply, we want nothing to do with either. We have promised to never create products that would require our customer to inhale anything into their delicate lungs (which makes us substantially different than both cigarette and vape companies) and we have also promised to never use the tobacco leaf in any of our products (which makes us different than chewing tobacco and snus companies). 

The tobacco leaf has wreaked havoc on the health of humanity for centuries and the majority of tobacco consumers inhaled it in the form of cigarettes throughout the twentieth century. We want to put an end to all of that. We want to finally put an end to Big Tobacco and help adult nicotine users enjoy products that don’t require inhalation or tobacco. 

Our pouches have no tobacco leaf ingredients, extracts, or isolates. In fact, even the nicotine doesn’t come from tobacco, it’s synthesized in a lab to ensure the utmost purity. Tobacco is still grown on millions of acres of agricultural land, and we want to stop that. Humanity has outgrown the need for tobacco cultivation and we encourage you to join us on our journey to reclaim our farmlands and put an end to smoking and Big Tobacco once and for all.

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