What flavors are available and what do they each taste like?

We have 3 flavors currently, but are hard at work on new ideas, so if there’s a flavor you’d like to see, just let us know!

Our Mint flavor will be familiar with anyone who’s had our other mint products, it’s a bold and fresh flavor that will leave your whole mouth feeling clean and minty. It’s not too strong or spicy, like some, more aggressive mint flavors. This flavor is a strong choice if you like mint gums or lozenges and aren’t sure about the other flavors.

Our Mango flavor is our sweetest pouch. The fruity flavor really jumps out at you when you first crack that mango Breaker open and it will easily last over an hour. This tropical fruit flavor is really popular with adult smokers who have a sweet tooth. If you’re the type of person to kick back and enjoy a nice pina colada, you’ll love this pouch.

Our Apple Ice flavor is incredibly unique and honestly, a bit hard to describe. There’s a bit of minty freshness in there, but over time, it releases a light fruity flavor that you might recognize from a cup of warm apple cider. This is our most complex flavor and you’ve probably never tried anything exactly like this before, but we think you’ll love it.

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