What flavors does Lucy Gum come in?

Lucy Gum is available in the US in 4mg in Wintergreen (fresh peppermint with hints of citrus), Cinnamon (warm ceylon cinnamon with notes of ginger), and Pomegranate (juicy pomegranate with açai fruit overtones). These flavors all contain menthol.

Lucy Gum is also available in 2 and 6mg in Mint: (fresh spearmint with a slightly sweet, cooling mouth feel), Berry Citrus: (bright citrus blended with lush strawberry sweetness), and Mango: (ripened mango paired with a tangy lime bite). This flavor does contain menthol.

We also offer Espresso gum that is great with a cup of coffee. This flavor only comes in 6mg

We do plan to release new flavors in the future! Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date.

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