What is Lucy's mission?

Lucy aims to support every adult smoker in their journey to eliminate combustible tobacco from their daily lives.

Our mission at Lucy is to reduce tobacco-related harm to zero, by creating a future where nicotine products can satisfy adult tobacco users without the harmful effects of tobacco. When we develop products, we stick to two important criteria–(1) avoiding the lungs as a vehicle for nicotine delivery, and (2) using pure nicotine rather than tobacco leaf. (1) is important because the lungs are an organ meant to exchange gases between the air and your bloodstream, not as a way to absorb and filter active chemicals from aerosols. (2) is important because tobacco leaf contains a large number of chemicals that are known carcinogens, and you don’t need to be exposed to those chemicals if all you want is nicotine.

Note: only our Lucy Nicotine Lozenges are FDA-approved for smoking cessation

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